Sail to Isle of Man

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Sail to Isle of Man

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This is my first visit on the forum, I have purchased a folkboat which is in need of some work, I am studying for the day skipper exam and until the weather closed in I was learning Dinghy sailing at West Kirby Marine lake. I spend a lot of time with friends on the Isle of Man, and this Summer I got chatting to a guy in a pub in Peel, he had a small yacht, and was mooring in Whitehaven, he was alone and said if ever I wanted to try it he would let me travel with him. At the time I just boo hoo'd it. BUT now I would love to travel to the Isle of Man with someone (for the knowledge and experience) I didn't take the guys number like a numpty. So does anyone know if and how I could sort of bum a lift to the Island this Summer, I can do a bit of chart work, brew up and make food..ah ah. I am a Male in my sixties and not a coffin dodger. Any offers.

Thanks in advance Guys
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