4th April 2011 - Countdown To Departure

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4th April 2011 - Countdown To Departure

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Had a bit of a panic last week when I found out that our old fuel tank was weeping diesel due to extensive corrosion. I thought it was going to be a total nightmare to remove it, but in fact it came out very easily once I'd managed to relocate Rose's extensive wardrobe which was scattered in the cabin above it.

Unfortunately, being an odd shape, it meant nothing off the shelf would go in its place so a custom made tank was the only way to go. Fingers crossed that new plastic tank (which will be less prone to condensation and will show its content by the use of a well-placed torch) will be finished today by our friends at Coates Marine so I can get it installed and filled, and then bleed the fuel line.

Assuming that goes to plan, we're spending a night in the hoist on Thursday and then being lifted back into the water early on Friday morning.

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